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Atomic Pilgrimage: Ghost Towns, Nuclear Relics, and Lost Civilizations on the Road to Trinity Site

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This is a video travelogue about a 40-day, 40-night road trip to the Trinity Site, where the first atomic bomb in history was detonated in the summer of 1945. It goes much farther than that, covering many other atomic destinations and driving deep into the natural and social history of the American southwest. If you'd like to see a simulated nuclear missile launch, a forest of stone pillars, Oregon's only geyser, and a 60-foot tall neon cowboy all in the same video, this would likely be your jam. The trip was done over 6500 miles in a 1973 Volkswagen bus in the spring of 2019.


1) Cold Open-- 0:20

2) Cattle Crossing-- 6:47

3) Berlin/Ichthyosaur-- 9:44

4) Stokes Castle-- 14:01

5) Legacy of the Pyramid War-- 17:17

6) All-American Concentration Camp-- 21:00

7) Doomsday Weapons-- 27:05

8) The Quest for Project Gasbuggy-- 31:20

9) Simulated Armageddon-- 37:51

10) Casa Grande & Cochise's Resting Place-- 43:25

11) The Town Too Famous to Die-- 49:11

12) Wonderland of Rocks-- 53:44

13) Border War-- 56:31

14) Trinity Site-- 1:01:48

15) Across the Malpais-- 1:06:54

16) Lost City of Chaco Canyon-- 1:10:30

17) Battle for Bear's Ears-- 1:20:49

18) Parowan Gap-- 1:26:42

19) Wendover's Leftovers-- 1:31:23

20) Getting Bombed in Atomic City-- 1:36:42

21) Dog Birthday-- 1:45:47

22) Hanford Nuclear Reservation-- 1:49:43

If you enjoyed this video and want to contribute to the production of others like it, please consider donating through the crowdfunding website Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/noahcaldwellgervais

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