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Auto Royal Chess Gameplay (Android /ios) Unreleased

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Auto Royal Chess Gameplay (Android /ios) Unreleased By WhaleApp Ltd.

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Auto Royal Chess is the first game of its kind, combining the popular genre of auto chess with the classic mechanics of mobile RPG and strategy games. Challenge other players in blitz battles around the world!

Innovative auto chess gameplay based on PVP battles!
The game primarily relies on PVP battles where players reinforce their armies after each round by upgrading figures. 

Quick to learn, challenging to master!
You can combine identical hero figures with themselves and collect powerful combinations from magic spheres. The player who can adapt to the enemy’s tactics faster than anyone else, who can properly allocate resources and use the full potential of the figures will never lose!

Test your might on the chessboard!
All players can upgrade their heroes and their stats throughout the gameplay. To do this, you need to collect a certain number of hero-cards and perform an upgrade in the Inventory. Each level requires a larger number of cards and gold.

Online RPG battle on the chessboard!
Take part in the ultimate combat and fight your rivals on the online chess board battlefield. Think over your playing style and test your strategy and tactical skills in Auto Royal Chess. You will struggle with your rivals in a 3D battle chess arena! 

Discover your commander talent! 
Each round, your team will struggle against new waves of rivals. To stand up to your enemies, invent clever auto chess strategy and tactics. 

● Diverse characters with unique powers!
● Fast gameplay designed for mobile! 
● A lot of heroes from different races!
● Test your might on the chessboard!

Upgrade your warriors! Play with friends! Crush your enemies! 
Join Auto Royal Chess right now!

Total Size: 179 Mb (Online)

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whaleapp.ChessRPG

IOS: ---

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