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Battle Grounds III (Battle Grounds 3) Gameplay - Funny Moments

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Battle Grounds 3 best moment gameplay by RokasBum. This is a 3d source engine based multiplayer video game with American and British forces battling it out. The game has a voice chat. You can meet a lot of nice people here who like to scream. Player models look goofy and like they'd seen actual war. This is a Steam, PC, video game. My video is a let's play, commentary, compilation, best moment, funny moment, reaction, first impression, new game video.

After 6 years of development, Battle Grounds III (BG3) is the next iteration in the classic franchise which began 17 years ago. Prepare for battle in the American War of Independence!

After 6 years of development, Battle Grounds III (BG3) is the next iteration in the classic franchise which began 17 years ago. It features new graphics, maps, weapons, characters, and gameplay.

BG3 is a multiplayer game based in the American War of Independence. The British Army and its Native American tribal allies engage in battle against the United States Continental Army and the French Expeditionary Force. Take aim and fire muskets, prepare bayonets and take control of the battlefield to succeed in your campaign for final victory. Combat includes long-range rifle marksmanship and brutal close quarters hand-to-hand melee fighting. You will need a mix of first person combat skills and quick-thinking strategy to survive. So prepare yourself to do battle for your side and to meet the enemy head-on. Only one side can be victorious.
Choose your soldier. On the British team, play as Regular Infantry, Officer, Hessian Jäger, Iroquois Warrior, Light Infantry, or Grenadier. On the American team, play as Continental Soldier, Officer, Frontiersman, Militia, or French Grenadier.
Choose from among 26 period weapons, including muskets, rifles, grenades, swords, and more; customize your uniform.
Capture objectives, make a last stand at a fort, or roleplay in line formation.
Play among 11 classic, remade decade-old maps, and 8 new maps.
Play with up to 80 players at the same time.
Fill the battlefield with a new, intelligent bot AI.

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