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Battle of the Brews #21 | Yidris | Radha | Merieke | Ur-Dragon | Commander Gameplay

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Find the decklists for this game here:

Andy's Casualties of a 10k Year Storm deck: TBA
Sean's Radha All Basics deck:
Alastair's Ur-Dragon and the Fam deck:
Rob's Merieke, Police Chief deck:

Andy's deck has one focus. Storm off and copy Casualties of War a bunch of times. Sean's Radha deck is going to ramp out a swarm of creatures using only basics and try to run everyone over before they can get their engines running. Alastair's Ur-Dragon deck will be busy putting massive threats out quickly on the back of Eminence, and all the while, Rob's Police deck will be enforcing the law his own way. We'll see if everybody can play within the rules, or if their decks end up cheating on the fundamental rules of play.

0:29 Deck Techs
2:29 The Battle!
52:51 Wrap-up

Want to reach out and point out any misplays, or keep doing bits with us?

Andy: @andyhullbone
Sean: @seantabares
Rob: @RobTheNorman
Alastair: @HaHaForbes

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