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DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2: Green Gardens, Isle of Awakening

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Visit this island, ID: nt1gRcg343

This is my wife's and my (possibly) complete Green Gardens town on the Isle of Awakening.

We decided not to build the towns in the chapters like I did in the first game and focus all of our efforts on the Isle of Awakening.

We have been having intermittent jittering/lag while playing, and showing off some parts are a bit quick because our first attempt to record this area went over the 15 minute PS4 limit, so I apologize about these issues.

There were other things we had built for this area, but again due to the time limit, we did not show them. They were my wife's wizard tower and her maze that lead to it, but she also had a video of those elsewhere.

Also, during the video we had removed the scarecrow from the field/garden, and therefore was not a proper room, because we were trying to force the villagers to focus on making bread at the time.

Finally, sorry for any grainy quality. It was uploaded directly from the PS4, same as my other DQB videos, so I don't understand what happened.


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