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Edmo - Rimworld Royalty Extreme Desert Ep. 10 [Rimworld Naked Brutality]

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In this episode of our Rimworld Royalty Extreme Desert run, we make good progress after last week’s rather slow episode: Our colony grows, our fields are green again, we fend off a raid, and we make progress on the research front. ► Full Playlist:

In this episode of Rimworld Royalty, we continue our Naked Brutality run in the extreme desert. After surviving the green hell of a toxic fallout, today’s episode starts off much better: As part of a small quest, we receive our second colonist Edmo, a skilled fighter and gardener who is also a quick sleeper – and an ambrosia addict. Still, Edmo is a huge help in the continued growth of our colony. Thanks to his support, Steak can focus on his research while Edmo sows out rice, hay grass, cotton, and healroot. The appearance of four man-hunting ducks as well as a trio of pirates are no issue for our two colonists, who are constructing a nice bedroom for Edmo in the meantime. Edmo and Steak are bonding quickly and even go out on a dromedary hunting trip at night – with some success: Each colonist carrying a dead animal over their shoulders, they return to the base, but Edmo’s ambrosia withdrawal is starting to be a problem. He suffers his first mental break and despite our colony growing nicely, his state of mind will be something to keep an eye on…

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The Extreme Desert is Rimworld’s hottest biome. Full of sand and dirt, the extreme desert does not offer a lot of room for plants and animals, so food is scarce and whatever is acquired will spoil quickly. The heat also poses a constant threat for colonists, always putting them at risk of suffering a heatstroke. Tribes and more advanced civilizations also tend to stay in the more moderate regions, so finding other settlements to trade with (or to attack) is not so easy.

We are starting with a modified Rimworld Naked Brutality scenario, leaving our starting colonist with no food, items or equipment to start his journey in the extreme desert – not even clothes. We are also making our starting colonist a member of a tribe, reducing the amount of technologies available at the start of the game and severely lowering the speed with which new projects are unlocked.
The goal of this Rimworld Royalty Extreme Desert Challenge is to start with absolutely nothing in the extreme desert with a single tribal colonist and survive for as long as possible – ideally until we are able to escape the planet. With the Rimworld Royalty DLC, we also see the introduction of a mighty empire with access to hyper-advanced technology who might occasionally seek us out to aid in certain quests – and who might award us royal titles and exciting psychic powers in exchange.

Rimworld is a Sci-Fi colony builder simulation game focused on managing a small group of survivors with the goal of eventually building a space ship to escape the planet. Rimworld is developed and published by Ludeon Studios. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game went through several Alpha and Beta versions before seeing the release of the Rimworld version in October 2018. With the Rimworld update and the Rimworld Royalty DLC, a lot of new content has been added to the game, including a mighty empire, new weapons and items, a quest system and much more.

All Rimworld Royalty gameplay for this Rimworld Royalty Extreme Desert Challenge was recorded on the PC in 1080p Full HD.

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