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[ENG Ver] Kasumi & Akechi In Your Party PERMANENTLY ( P5 Royal Mod )

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Добавлено от Admin В Royal quest gameplay
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JP Version:
Found and tested by lonelyCrow
Quick code provided by Twizzle
Before applying code there are things to note:
First code will give you all permanent party member at anytime in the game without Darkechi
Second code will unlock Darkechi including Akechi's black-masked GUI, bust-up, animation, Dark Akechi weapons and replacing your current Costume to Dark Suit better back up your save before using this code since you won't turn back to Normal Akechi after this, unsure if there is any problem with the story later on
Unlock all party
20003B4C 4000FF01

Darkechi (Back up before using this)
20003B60 38BF0000
20003B68 08FFFFFF
00003B6C 00000001
20001814 98102001
20001818 0D70F220
2000181C 3200F980
000015D6 000000EF

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