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Gross Dance Company founded in 2007 by choreographer Sagi Gross, the Amsterdam based company brings together international dancers from top International companies, former dance artists of: Nederlands Dans Theater, Royal Danish Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and Mainz Ballet. This assembly of artistic nomads bring meaning and substance to the companies quest of unveiling essential connections between the individual and his environment, be that cultural, spacial, or metaphysical. The choreography work use a high voltage physicality coupled with an interest in gesture to examine the performers acceptance or resistance to various encounters. By basing his work in personal themes from life, Gross escapes the banalities and generalizations often associated with the struggles of foreigners put forward by the media and much public debate surrounding the subject. The works' identity is forged through a combination of the choreographer's inherent visual logic and the inclusion of outside influences. Several countries have generated a fervent following for the company thanks to its originality and existential scope. The company performs high quality, artistically original and innovative works that have been presented in South Korea, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, England, Austria, France and Israel.

Beppie Blankert – Director of Dansgroep Amsterdam (Amsterdam’s Dance Group) wrote: ’’Sagi’s choreographic work has a strong relation with music. It is never used as wallpaper or background sounds. Sagi has a good eye for visual elements, such as set design, costumes and lighting design. Because of that his work is not only choreographically interesting, but also has a strong resonance on stage. He makes Theatrical work.’’

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