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Kingdom Come Deliverance Roleplay Casual Gameplay 2019 #342 Sneak-In, Preps + Action, Main Quest

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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Henry, the Daydreamer (Chill Casual Completist Roleplay Gameplay PC) – Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwfViAw_vAvJLOQf4wIBa3vVhuRZ7fJ7W in this Let's Play we aim to play Henry as a daydreamer, taking advantage of things that lie around. We go for a romantic, down to earth approach, exploring nature and finding friends among the common people as well as helping them, also against the games of nobles, are our goals. And let's not forget to pick some locks and flowers! :-)

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a history-bound roleplaying game, using the events in the early middle ages in Bohemia to tell a gripping story about being a refugee and coming of age. The open world gameplay allows for quite some leeway along the fascinating story. In my opinion, it is a very good game, that's why I play and show it. Our roleplay shows the development in Henry, the protagonist of the story, how the events and his experience forms him and how he forms the events and surroundings by his actions.

#ImmanuelCan #ImmanuelCanKCD

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