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My BIGGEST Slot Machine Handpay Jackpot on Buffalo Gold on Royal Caribbean

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This is my biggest handpay jackpot on Buffalo Gold Collection Slot machine ever!

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Thanks for jumping back to Lady Luck HQ. We just got back last night from our amazing cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas! It was amazing and we will be sharing a ton of videos with you all of our trip!

The Royal Caribbean cruises have Casino Royale aboard each cruise ship, and it's their version of their branded casino! They have partnerships with MGM Grand so if you're a member there, you get some added perks!

They had an amazing selection of slot machines aboard so we jumped on Buffalo Gold Collection Wonder 4! We were down to our second to last bet, and we hit the buffalo gold jackpot along with many other games!

Chasing those 15 Buffalo heads and we even got my biggest handpay jackpot on Buffalo Gold! Take a peek at this awesome win.

Our full cruise ship tour of the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas will be coming later this week, and we used our new OSMO to capture it all in 4K!

#HandpayJackpot #BuffaloGold #RoyalCaribbean

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