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New Energy Organisation- the NEO Model | Mike Upstone | #universaltrust

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Mike Upstone was born in the UK. He studied Government and Public policy at Northumbria University before becoming a management consultant, managing projects for a FTSE100 client base in his early twenties.
He went on to be a market analyst for DMS, part of the Janes publishing group, before attending the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, leaving the Army following injury.

He chaired the Digital Group at the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) in London which created the first multi-industry digital imaging quality guidelines and acted as a board member for UPDIG, the Universal (international) Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines.

He contributes to The Deming Group at the CQI, which publishes MoSO, a Model of Sustainable Organisations, based on the work of leading ‘systems thinking’ exponent, W Edwards Deming and also to ISO international standards exercises.

His interest in law follows on from his education at Northumbria, which covered business and constitutional law.

He is connected to activists, lawyers and independent law reform researchers, seeking positive solutions to fraud and misrepresentation in the law, banking and finance sectors. Speaking about sustainability projects in connection with breakthrough energy technologies, also discuss different economic systems, which can support inventors, organizations and a movement like ourselves.

Breakthrough energy requires breakthrough organisation.

The average Fortune 500 company lasted 75 years in 1937, now they last less than 15 years. In Europe the average company lasts 12.5 years. The existing system of organisation is falling off a cliff.

We need to reverse some fundamental assumptions of organisation if we are to create effective entities that can work with nature and human nature – holistic organisations that work as systems, organisations that are effective, long term.

Some inspiring examples are available and these entities act very differently, combining an alchemical mixture of balance and innovation, both ofwhich are elusive qualities even for the best resourced entities but which are essentials of nature.

In this talk Mike will cover the defining features of a new model for energy organisations and how we can go about creating the super organisations of the future. How we can simplify management issues, avoid conflict, neutralise politics and the tyranny of ego, empower the people and support our planet.

Everything is connected…

GlobalBEM, the Breakthrough Energy Movement is an independent organization with the primary goal to facilitate the widespread awareness and use of Breakthrough Energy technology and its implications.

What began as a small group quickly evolved into a wide international network of people from diverse backgrounds including scientists, researchers, academics, artists, and business holders. While the core team is based in the Netherlands, the network spans our entire globe.

For more info, visit our website: https://globalbem.com/

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We are all, in a sense, investigators of our world. And while we, as individuals or as GlobalBEM, may not agree with everything presented on this video, we fully support freedom of thought and speech as well as the Quest for truth. We are a non-profit organization of volunteers and thus each member or any other person involved in any way, has to take responsibility for their own statements, acts and beliefs.

All rights reserved © GlobalBEM 2019

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