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New Sniper User! but Already Pro Gameplay by Rainee (M1) - Dragon Nest M SEA

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Dear Raine,
if u have problem with this video, please contact me on Instagram


Being the class that has the longest range in game, your sniper build should be founded into building up damage as high as you can. Having Agility as the class main attribute, you don't have to worry about reaching the highest critical output since sniper is a natural burst damager thanks to Critical Break that increases attack during critical, affected by your critical percentage. Defense is not an issue either given the fact your a long range class, you won't need defense as you are not the front liner. You should not worry about dodging attacks as much as other classes, because of the useful Cheating Point. Regardless, it is important to keep distance as Siege Stance and Arrow Shower requires you to be immobile for long periods of time in order to get maximum damage output. In comparison to Acrobats and Artilleries, Sniper is not very mobile but has extremely high damage output.


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