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Official Trailer - Against All Odds: The RCAF Flyers

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October 1947. Soldiers are finally home after five devastating years of war that took the lives of nearly 45 thousand Canadians. But when the call goes out for the world to come together in peace at the Winter Olympics, Canada refuses to send a hockey team.

Shocked by this decision, the Royal Canadian Air Force announces they’ll field a team. But the RCAF Flyers are unknown amateurs. Many fear they’ll embarrass the nation.

But these aren’t just any men: They’re pilots, gunners and navigators who fought in the brutal air offensive of WWII, and survived. Now, this band of brothers is once again facing incredible odds that no one believes they can beat.

AGAINST ALL ODDS: THE RCAF FLYERS is the dramatic and moving story of this unlikely team and their chaotic quest for Olympic gold. Narrated by George Stroumboulopoulos, it is a tribute to Canadian veterans and the men and women of Canada’s armed forces.

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