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Добавлено от Admin В Royal quest gameplay
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Taking someone in to pratice hellgate, while inside i teach the player of possible out comes and what a healer must do or a dps must do.. what point he should use an ability incase he does go with another dps.. Though i do cut thing out to make the video shorter, there are some fight inside that was a disgrace.. i only showed 2 of them. long bows and 1 person going in and no one going in... he got 10 books total if i showed uncut.. we didnt get knock out...

Players seem to be actually doing this for fame or insight tome, because i kept noticing in my deathgiver montage and this video that player are going in in like a duel specs.

oh well. blue zone is basically an area for pratice, not farming.. this is where you go to take it easy. where you go to see if you and your partner are compatible and work in sync.. before risking everything in red or black zone

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