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Revelation online 12 temple 2nd floor Horse Qian Lin guide (scuffed)

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Horse Qian Lin
Mechanics: 1. Does 3 lasers on random target (most of the time on tank) (3rd one, one shots) 2. pulls in melees (does hardly any damage) 3. hits floor 2 times does a bit damage. 4. boss likes to dodge away, if you are too far away he will pull you. 5. at 80% starts spawning Trojan horse (2 at start) goes up and puts a ball on u stand on the horse and then dodge when ball comes down(1 does half of hp) 6. then every minute he spawns horses and does the ball. 7. 60% is 3 horses, 40% is 4, and 20% is 5, so should burst the boss down at 20%. 7.1 lightning horse mini stuns everyone (so if it's alive healer won't be able to res) 7.2 Armored horse probably heals the boss and gives more def not sure. 7.3 Silent horse, silences your skills, most of the time it's special skills
other bosses: https://youtu.be/6GKdK3KEIm4
1st floor: https://youtu.be/GgBiJj6OEM0

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