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Royal rage: How Sarah Ferguson faced Queen's fury after scandal - News 247

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For any copyright, please send me a message.  Sarah Ferguson – affectionately known as Fergie – married Prince Andrew in their romantic royal wedding in 1986. They welcomed Princess Beatrice in 1988 and Princess Eugenie in 1990, however the Duke and Duchess of York would separate after only 6 years of marriage in 1992. The split was soon followed by scandal when photographs emerged of Fergie and her lover John Bryan in the South of France in what has become known as the “toe-sucking” images.   In her 1996 autobiography, ‘My Story’, the Duchess recounts the now-infamous breakfast at Balmoral when the Royal Family found out about the scandalous pictured in the Sunday papers.  She recalls how she could not stand to go down to the breakfast table herself, staying in her room while Andrew ate with his siblings, and how she still had to face the Queen who breakfasted with Prince Philip separately in upstairs rooms. She writes:  “But the horror wasn’t nearly over.  “I still had to face the woman by whose kind permission I was staying in this castle. “She was my mother-in-law and my Sovereign, and a woman I cared about deeply – and this is how I had thanked her.  “I had let down a person who had never let me down, the last person in the world I'd have wished to disappoint. “At 9.30 that morning I went up to see Her Majesty The Queen." The Duchess continues: “The Queen was furious.   “I had apologised, of course, but penance and contrition have their limits – there are some things which cannot be put right. “Her anger wounded me to the core, the more because I knew it was justified. “I had violated her trust. “I’d betrayed the bond that we’d built ever since she had invited me to Royal Ascot in 1985, as one of the younger people she enjoyed having about.    “The Queen had been so saddened when Andrew and I separated.  “But she had never let it affect our personal ties, even as I became distinctly non grata at her Court.  “There was something special between us, and maybe that was what moved me to mount some feeble defence, instead of just slinking out of her room." The Duchess reveals that she asked Her Majesty: “Don’t you think it’s a bit weird that it keeps having to be me that gets caught? “Don’t you think it’s time someone asked, ‘Why is it always her?’ I can’t be that idiotic.” She continues: “I curtseyed my retreat, then went and found the one woman who understood what it meant to marry into the Royal Family, and how hard it was to measure up.  “I went up to Diana’s bedroom and sat with my friend. She couldn’t say anything, she was just there for me – and she was great.” The Balmoral row reared its head again this year, as Fergie was seen to make a hasty departure from the Queen’s Scottish estate this summer.  Tren

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