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Shelter Wars: Nuclear Fallout (by Royal Ark) - action game for android - gameplay.

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Shelter Wars is a zombie shelter genre game. The last world standing, the shelter, where you will build a city, develop a bunker, save and train the survivors. Survival strategy is the most important thing in a post-nuclear apocalypse world, full of zombies and radiation.

Beta game features:
— A bunker with dozens of rooms for you to build and upgrade;
— First- or third-person game modes. An apocalypse through the eyes of dwellers and solo quests;
— Different training approaches for survivors: military or civil, or both;
— Trophy or crafted equipment for squads; crafting of thousands of unique items, without which one can't survive in the game;
— Campaign mode, featuring hundreds of battles with complex enemies and an elaborate story;
— Constant battles with mutants, robots, zombies, raiders, and other players;
— Cool vehicles, from an apocalypse buggy to a combat helicopter.

Coming soon:
— Powerful hero to help your squad win battles;
— Instanced locations with rare resources in distant corners of the map;
— Exploration of Anomalous Zones in a destroyed laboratory and search for unique artifacts;
— Bunker's multilevel crafting system to produce all kinds of items, from canned meat to incinerating plasma guns;
— Bunker's population control, creation of new dwellers using high-end biotechnology;
— Themed events offering players new adventures and rewards.

Work in progress: Multiplayer mode:
— Raiding other players' bunkers;
— Deathmatches in Fighting Pits;
— Friendly support and exchange of resources;
— Friendly alliances and clan wars.

Shelter Wars: Nuclear Fallout (Zero Bunker / City).

Requires: Android OS (varies with device)
Requires internet connection: YES
File size: 25 Mb apk+ 147 Mb cache (varies with device)
Free game

Google Play download URL:

iOS Games (iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch)
App Store download URL:

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