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The Drydock - Episode 049

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00:00:18 - Channel Admin

00:01:40 - Most commercial shipping are under flags of convenience these days; would that distort commerce raiding philosophy under articles of war?

00:04:51 - What ships of the line (fleet of a single class), have the 'best' chances taking on the Bismark.

00:07:06 - How long did it take a Dreadnought Battleship to get up to full steam?

00:12:26 - HMS Warspite appears to have two crests, a woodpecker and a cannon, which was usually favored to represent the ship?

00:14:11 - Would you like to own a battleship?

00:16:03 - "ho were the two or three best "combat" Admirals for the British and American Navies in World War 2.
Also what is your opinion of Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa?

00:25:38 - What is your personal favorite naval museum? what is the most interesting thing about the museum?

00:30:34 - All 4 surviving Revenge class vs the 4 Kongo class, specifically in the Indian Ocean, mid 1942, also Renown and Repulse vs any 2 Kongo's

00:35:48 - If Seymour was so terrible, why did he stay in post? Is it because no one would/could demand Beatty replace him?

00:38:55 - Did ships of the line and other ships before steam had a compartment ID system or 'bullseye' akin to what the US uses today?

00:42:00 - HMS Conqueror and Operation Barmaid

00:51:07 - What is your Favorite naval photo, and what is your most haunting one.

00:53:30 - Main gun issues on battleships

01:01:06 - Other than being more compact, how did the Crown Colony class differ from the Town class?

01:03:50 - What impact could Horatio Nelson have had on the Royal Navy, had he survived the Battle of Trafalgar?

01:08:32 - How did Tsushima influence Japanese ship design, strategy and tactics and did it extend into the carrier era?

01:11:21 - USS Galena vs USS Casco for the title of worst US ironclad?

01:13:00 - How long have Harbor Chains been used, how affective were they, and what were the most well known thought history?

01:15:38 - Have there been any notable occasions where dreadnought mounted torpedo nets were successful and presumably saved a ship? Were there any occasions where they fouled propellers and endangered a ship in combat?

01:18:57 - Speed vs Armour in battleship design

01:28:39 - Naval decisions in the 100 years war

01:32:05 - How would Väinämöinen and Ilmarinen fair against the Red Banner Fleet?

01:45:52 - Why didn't Force Z work?

01:50:39 - Why didn't battlecarriers work?

01:53:56 - Battle damage repairs at sea

01:58:28 - How difficult would it be to armor a modern warship against modern weaponry in the way that battleships were armored against other battleships?

02:02:26 - What was Magara doing at Midway and what colours were the IJN aircraft there?

02:07:41 - Naval recon aircraft and Finnish Defence strategy in WW2

02:14:30 - 'Cut-outs' on USS South Dakota

02:15:28 - Notwithstanding Taranto, did the Regina Marina's operations in WW2 constitute a successful implementation of the "Fleet in Being" concept, by tying up Royal Navy resources, or did the fleet make itself irrelevant to the war by staying out of the way?

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