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Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike Pt 2 - Public Domain | WW2 Documentary | Reel Truth History

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PSA: This Is Public Domain footage - used purely for educational purposes.

The Nazis Strike (1943, 40min 20s) – covers Geopolitik and the conquest of Anschluss, German occupation of Czechoslovakia and Invasion of Poland (1939). Capra's description: "Hitler rises. Imposes Nazi dictatorship on Germany. Goose-steps into Rhineland and Austria. Threatens war unless given Czechoslovakia. Appeasers oblige. Hitler invades Poland. Curtain rises on the tragedy of the century—World War II."

Why We Fight is a film series of seven documentary films commissioned by the United States government during World War II whose purpose was to show American soldiers the reason for U.S. involvement in the war. Later on they were also shown to the general U.S. public to persuade them to support American involvement in the war.

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